End of an era.

by jacksayspurple

Hey guys,

I’ve spent a lot of time doing some editing and changing things up and sorting stuff out and I didn’t realize that when I actually came to writing this that I’d get so emotional about it.

I’m retiring ‘theycallmejack.wordpress.com’.

I’ll give you a moment to take that in.

So, the situation is this, I opened this blog on the 14th of February 2009, I was a young guy having a lot of difficulty coming to terms with myself, my sexuality, my friends, my family, and my future. I didn’t know who I was or where to turn. This blog was an outpouring of everything I had inside my soul that I couldn’t find a way to exorcise.

I made my blog like a diary, where I considered my events and who I was. And reading back across those four and a half years, I’ve seen how I grew as a person. I know I’m not a fully formed person who has learned all his lessons and is completely ready to go out into the world, but I’ve made a lot of progress.

When I first started this blog, I couldn’t imagine being where I am today, back then, accepting myself and even being happy were a massive struggle for me, but let me assure you, in this final ever post on this blog; I have never ever in all my life been happier than I am now.

Theycallmejack traces my coming out, my search for my first boyfriend, my first relationship, the fall out when that ended, my next relationship, my moving from school to college and then to university, my friends along the way, my thoughts on the world and so much more.

I want to end the life of this blog by saying thank you. To everyone who I’ve mentioned in the blog who have helped to shape me on my journey to where I am now, to whoever made WordPress for helping me to express what was on the inside, and most of all to my readers. I’ve been so humbled by the sheer volume of people who’ve taken the time to read my thoughts and offer me their own advice and guidance and I am truly thankful for everyone of them. There are, however, a few special people who have made a big impact on my blog and my life beyond it and I’d like to personally thank a few of them.

Ryan O at ‘onefinegay.wordpress.com’, I don’t know where you are with your life or how it’s going but I really hope you’re good. Your help and advice really was amazing when I was struggling to come out and accept myself. You were like a mentor to me and a real inspiration. Thank you.

Justolefriend, I’m afraid you also fall into the category of people who I don’t know where they’re at anymore, but I’d like to thank you for your constant positivity, no matter what it was that I posted, I could always expect a wonderful cheering up from you. Thank you.

drucloud. You were equally as positive and well meaning as Justolefriend and always had a kind word to say on everything I posted. Thank you.

Sean McArthur at ‘pinkshanty.blogspot.com’ you always gave me great advice, and you helped me to believe that I could achieve all the things in my life that you have managed to achieve in yours. I hope your family is really well. Thank you.

My good friend, Iona at ‘piellagibson.wordpress.com’ who is a source of constant inspiration to me. She is kind, compassionate, and wise beyond her years. Iona, you have always inspired me to try to be a better person than what I am. I hope that you always remain as deeply good as I have known you to be. Thank you.

George Millman at ‘actorandpoliticalactivist.blogspot.com’, a guy who always has something to say about everything I post and someone who I very much enjoy debating with. He is both a leader and a fellow, and you can be sure that you’ll see his name more and more in the coming years. George, your comments have always been really interesting, thoughtful, and thought-provoking and I wish you all the best. Thank you.

And finally to all the unacknowledged commenters and readers, those who read my posted and smiled, or wished me well in their own way. You have helped keep me strong these last four years. Thank you.

Now, I don’t want to end on a depressing note, so I will close this blog by clearing up some of the (not very interesting) mysteries that still surround it.

  • I started a WordPress blog because a guy on my school bus had just started one. He was really cool and popular and I overheard someone tell him that his blog made her cry. I immediately decided that if I was to be as cool and popular as Dean, I would have no choice but to start a WordPress blog! And ‘Theycallmejack.wordpress.com’ was born.
  • ‘Theycallmejack’ as a username came from the song ‘That’s Not My Name’ by The Ting Tings. I don’t even know whether they’re still a thing now, but me and my friend Caitlin had just been on a school trip and spend the entire time singing that song so the name was a natural fit.
  • It was thanks to this blog (or one of the commenters) that I started watching Glee. Definitely thankful for that.
  • I frequently say that I don’t like lists. This is a lie. I love lists, I find them so useful and helpful for organization. I only say that I don’t like lists because I’m a massive Doctor Who fan and in ‘The Waters of Mars’ the Doctor noted that he doesn’t like lists.
  • My most used tag is ‘friends’ which I think is very sweet.
  • My final post count is 291, including this one. 319 if you include drafts of posts that never made the cut.
  • This is what I look like.

    This is what I look like.


Thank you for everything, dear friends and readers, my love to all of you,

And for one final time,

Jack out.

PS. You gotta love my PS’s over the years, right? Well this one is an important one. If you wanna take this blog as a jumping off point, then farewell, remember me as I was. For the rest of you, look at this as the start of a new journey. http://jacksayspurple.wordpress.com/